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Click here to learn more about our One Montana program!

See our "One Montana" video on YouTube!

Then check out the presentation:
"One Montana:
Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide "


"Path to Eden" DVD
This 26-minute film featuring Tom Brokaw offers information and resources to new landowners in Montana. For more information, go straight to the source:
Or click
here to order your complimentary copy.



"You should be so proud – you've done a great job (with Path to Eden), it is exactly how us oldtimers feel."
- Mavis Hurwitz, White Sulphur Springs, MT

"Path to Eden is a very beautiful and compelling DVD. Thanks for making it. We are in the process of finding ways to hold on to the identity of Bigfork as we cope with unprecedented growth and rapidly changing demographics. Hopefully your DVD will play a special part in what we're trying to do, as well as for our beautiful state as a whole."
- Sally Janover, Bigfork Steering Committee, Bigfork, MT

"The DVD Path to Eden is a winner! We have already watched it twice and it just arrived yesterday. Beside the content being great, the color and the music are fantastic. Thank you for the fine message put in a most positive way." - Joliet, Montana

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The Rural Landscape Institute is the assumed name for the Responsible Rural Initiatives Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

7 East Beall Street, Bozeman, Montana, 59715, Phone: 406.522.7654, Fax: 406.587.4147,