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The Farm and Ranch Recreation Resource Center (FARRRC) will become a marketing engine and support agent for agritourism in the West. The Rural Landscape Institute has been serving as an incubator for FARRRC since our inception.

Agritourism represents a significant opportunity for family-scale farmers and ranchers to diversify their revenue streams. Unlike many other nations, however, there is presently not a marketing effort in place in the U.S. that effectively mobilizes the traveling public to vacation on an authentic farm or ranch. Harnessing the collective marketing horsepower of its members, the association will maintain a national branding and marketing strategy along with a classification system that will greatly facilitate the customer selection and booking process. Further, the organization will serve as a resource to agritourism operators in areas of market trends and segmentation, hospitality standards, liability insurance, consumer values and preferences, start-up steps, and other support needs.

The FARRRC will launch as a regional, seven-state model including North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. Successful implementation will likely lead to expansion throughout the West and the remainder of the nation. The Rural Landscape Institute’s focus at this time is to obtain resources to do initial market segmentation, branding, and prioritizing in the marketplace, along with setting up the infrastructure for FARRRC to operate independently as a member-owned entity.

Thanks to grants from the Montana Department of Agriculture's "Growth Through Agriculture" program, the Montana Stockgrowers Association, and Pew Charitable Trusts, we have successfully completed the first phase on this project on market research and liability insurance. The results are available below.

Western Farm and Ranch Recreation Operations - an inventory of agritourism suppliers in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Colorado. Please contact us to add or correct a listing! (Excel)

Business Plan - a 40-page comprehensive business plan for the Farm and Ranch Recreation Resource Center. (PDF 806 KB)

Market Research Results - the full report of our market research showing that consumers are interested in the type of vacation offered by an agritourism experience, and simply need more information about agritourism opportunities. (PDF 788 KB)

Agritourism Liability Insurance Report - a report on the state of liability insurance for agritourism providers in Montana, with implications for the West and beyond. (PDF 238 KB)

"Ranches on the Frontier" Website Architecture - an extensively-researched proposal for the website that will support the Farm and Ranch Recreation Resource Center. (PDF 8679 KB)

Regional Agritourism Strategy Workshop - the minutes from a collaborative agritourism workshop held in Bozeman, Montana on October 12, 2007. (PDF 79 KB)




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